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Can You Use Any Thermometer for Candle Making?

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There are four different stages of candle making and each one requires the wax to be at a different temperature. If your wax is at the incorrect temperature during one of the stages, you risk producing an unusable candle. Many people already have some type of thermometer at home. So can you use any thermometer for candle making? And which type of thermometer is best for candle making?

The short answer is no. Although many thermometers are suitable if you are making candles, some are not. For example, a meat thermometer has a limited temperature range of 130-190℉. As candle wax melts at a higher temperature than this, a meat thermometer would not work.

However, many other thermometers will be suitable for checking the temperature of the wax when making candles. Below, we will look at some of the best thermometers for candle making. Let’s take a look.

which thermometer should you use for candle making

Candle Making Thermometer

Many people don’t realize that there is a thermometer made specifically for candle making. They usually have a 300mm steel probe so that you can check the temperate of the wax that is at the bottom of your pot. They also have an adjustable pan clip and an easy-to-read dial. These thermometers give a precise measure of the temperature of the wax.

Digital Probe Thermometer

This is a common choice for many candle makers. Digital thermometers allow you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, which is useful as different instructions use different measurements. The digital range is usually broad and the thermometer is easy to read. They can usually measure temperatures between -58℉- 570℉. You should not use these over a direct heat source.

Candy Thermometer

A typical candy thermometer measures between 100℉- 350℉, perfect for candle making. The different temperatures you need to look for during the candle-making process fall exactly within these parameters. You can clip a candy thermometer to the side of your pot and leave it in the wax throughout the process, allowing you to check the temperature periodically.

Deep Fry Thermometer

A deep-fry thermometer is popular with many candle makers as they are extremely easy to clean. They can read temperatures as high as 550℉. Deep-fry thermometers have a probe that you dip into the wax and a clip that you can use to fasten the thermometer to your pot. There is a dial for reading the temperature and you can leave the thermometer in the wax throughout the process, allowing you to easily keep an eye on the temperature of the wax during the whole candle-making process.

The right thermometer for candle making

Although you can make candles without a thermometer, it is usually much easier to use a thermometer, rather than trying to see when the wax is at the correct temperature. If you plan to make candles to sell, you should definitely use a thermometer to ensure your candles are made to a high standard.

Many people already have a thermometer at home but if you don’t, they are easily available, at a decent price, in many supermarkets or homeware stores.